Prescribe Safety to Keep Nursing Home Workers on the Job

It is rather ironic that the employees who make their living providing caregiving services to senior citizens may find themselves on the other side of the hospital bed all too frequently. Such is the situation due to the special circumstances under which these workers must operate, with risks and a culture that are unique to the healthcare industry. For these reasons and more, insurance for nursing homes is central to safeguarding a facility from the dangers they face. On top of a comprehensive mix of coverage, the cultivation of a safety-focused environment cannot happen quickly enough. Here are just a few reasons why:

They believe in the concept of “first, do no harm”

Employees in this line of work often take on feelings of responsibility for the residents they are caring for–they literally start to care for them, and can develop emotional attachments. Whether out of a bond they’ve formed or simply acting out of a sense of ethical obligation, workers may compromise their own health and safety in the process of assisting a resident in need. What’s more, a calm day can erupt into a tense, adrenaline-filled emergency in the blink of an eye, requiring workers to make critical decisions on a split second–decisions that may cause an injury.

As a rule, these employees often spend their days bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, and stretching to assist or reposition their charges who may not be capable of movement on their own. With sharp needles commonplace in the environment, the danger of punctures and resulting infections are always a danger.

Verbal and physical violence can be directed at the worker–both by distraught or angry family members who lash out at the person who is unfortunate enough to be in proximity at the time–or by the residents themselves, who may be angry, confused, or frightened.

Powerful prescription drugs are on site at the facility, which can present a life-threatening or even lethal danger if incorrect dosages or medications are administered to residents. Likewise, workers are at risk (presenting a danger to themselves and those they care for) should they be substance abusers who steal medication, hide, or otherwise misdirect it from the intended recipient so they can take it themselves. With all of this and more to contend with, is it any wonder that injuries in the industry outpace those in construction or manufacturing in terms of lost-time case rates?

Talk to a professional insurance agent about insurance for nursing homes, as well as ways that you can help reduce injuries in the workplace.

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