Prevent Lawsuits Over Employee Benefits

No matter how thoroughly you cover your employees, there is always a risk of an error, especially when you employ a lot of temporary workers. These mistakes can easily cause a lot of damage to a company, no matter how big and profitable. In order to protect yourself and your business from mistakes in insurance coverage for your employees, make sure you have a trustworthy plan for employee benefits liability insurance.

Administrative Errors Covered

Employee benefits liability covers administrative errors. The situations that fall under that may vary, but there are a few general categories that tend to contain the covered events.

  • Record keeping, paper or electronic, for employee benefits
  • Sharing policy and benefit information with enrollees and eligible beneficiaries
  • Maintaining enrollment and benefit details for employees and eligible beneficiaries

This coverage is incredibly helpful for any business. It protects employers in the case of accusations of negligence and lawsuits related to employee benefits programs.

Make Sure You Are Protected

Administrative errors can happen to anyone, and sometimes they are unavoidable, but they can have costly and catastrophic effects on a business if an omission or mistake occurs with employee benefits. By choosing a robust plan for employee benefits liability insurance, you protect your business and administrative employees from many kinds of mistakes.

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