Preventative Maintenance In Addition to Home Coverage

As you look out your window and think about things you can do to improve your home in 2018, it might be a good time, if you didn’t prior to the start of winter, to check areas of the house that may create hazards to your home and family. With slightly cooler nights upon us, leaky windows or cracks that allow cold air to creep in will result in your using extra gas or electricity to keep things warm and this can become costly rather quickly.

A little maintenance can help prevent major damage occurring. In turn, this could wind up resulting in the need to file a claim against your homeowner’s insurance in Los Angeles and end up paying higher premiums in the future. There are some small projects you can initiate that are perfect solutions to drafty houses and which could add to the resale value of your house as well.

Insulation and air sealing

Owning a leaky house can run up some pretty serious energy bills. It can be a huge waste for anyone that continues to heat and cool an old home that has virtually little or no insulation. Investing in a Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) will eventually bring some of the operating cost of your house down to practically zero.

DER involves evaluating the overall structure of your home and how much energy it loses through cracked or missing seals around doors and windows, which creates a need for more heating in winter and cooling during hot summer months. This also puts a strain on water heaters, lighting, and appliances. DER is a cost-efficient way to make improvements to the house in order to limit any energy loss occurring.

Repairing your roof avoids more costly repairs

Your home’s roof, if it hasn’t been inspected for some time, may have experienced damage that has gone undetected. This can result in moisture seeping in between the cracks and creases, which results in the disintegration of the shingles. We suggest that you have the roof inspected annually and, if necessary, have it repaired by a professional roofer.

These are just a couple of ways in which you can save money by doing some preventative maintenance to the exterior of your home in order to protect the interior. If any serious damage has occurred, you’ll be able to turn to your homeowner’s insurance in Los Angeles for any necessary major repairs. Speak to your agent with any questions or concerns.


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