Protect Your Employees and Your Business With Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Insurance coverage for workers’ compensation may be an important consideration for businesses of all sizes. In addition to ensuring that employees who are injured on the job can receive medical care, the insurance often provides the employer with protection against legal action by injured workers. In the state of Texas (TX), all issues related to TX workers’ compensation coverage are overseen by the state Department of Insurance, which establishes the rules and regulations related to benefits and coverage requirements. Coverage under workers’ compensation is generally limited to injury or illness that occurs on the job. Benefits can range from payment of medical expenses and reimbursement for lost wages to payment of burial costs and dependent death benefits.

One of the more complicated aspects of workers’ compensation coverage can be understanding who is required to carry the insurance and the implications of not being insured. In Texas, the regulations can vary by type of business and by the type of work the business does. For example, private companies are usually not required to have workers’ compensation insurance unless they are working on public projects, in which case the state may require insurance.

Working with a state-licensed insurance company that specializes in TX workers’ compensation coverage can take the guesswork out of the process and provide you with the necessary guidance to make sure your company and your employees are protected.

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