Protect Your Computer Systems with Product Liability

As a computer systems dealer, your product is worth a lot of money. While you protect your business with a business policy, you also need to protect your product.

What Does Product Liability Cover?

The idea behind product liability is to protect your product. As someone who deals in computer systems, you hope that your product is going to work. Sometimes problems arise in manufacturing that end up missed until the product ends up in the hands of the consumer. Insurance protects you by providing for:

  • Property damage
  • Lawyer fees
  • Settlements in case of a lawsuit
  • Financial damages if ruled in plaintiff’s favor

What Doesn’t Product Liability Cover?

In order to better understand what computer systems dealers insurance may provide for you, it’s important to know what it doesn’t provide. For instance, product liability does not usually cover the following:

  • Product recall expenses
  • Lost inventory
  • Professional liability
  • Employee injuries
  • Product damage

If the liability is on your company, rather than your product, then your business insurance policy should be adequate.

When it comes to computer systems, there are sometimes faults with the system or software. If your software causes damage to a customer’s network, then you may be liable. With coverage, you are never paying out of pocket. Keep yourself safe with computer systems dealers insurance.

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