Protecting Your Assets with Contingent Cargo Insurance

The three main objectives of having contingent cargo insurance is to protect your business assets, along with your company’s reputation, and relationships you’ve worked hard to build with your customers. Regardless of whether your products travel by truck, rail, air or sea, cargo insurance protects you from a variety of potential losses that could be quite costly without the proper coverage in place.

Contingent Cargo insurance provides financial relief

Transportation brokers, freight forwarders, importers and exporters, and logistics providers all rely on insurance to come to their aid when something goes wrong and a shipment is damaged, or arrives too late to satisfy their customers needs. Cargo protection can be tailored for your particular services, so it will not only protect your customers better, but as a result, it will also enable you to further grow your business significantly.

For example, imagine you arrange a big shipment of goods for an important customer.
Now imagine that the train carrying those goods derails. One of your primary concerns would be if the shipment is properly covered, and will this result in a loss of time, not to mention creating a lot of stress and perhaps substantial legal fees. Most businesses would have a hard time bouncing back from these types of losses without the benefit of having solid contingent cargo coverage.

The best agencies that offer contingent cargo insurance coverage have been analyzing the insurance available to the logistics industry, identified and noted any shortcomings with respect to existing policies, and have been able to provide the best programs available. Partner with an insurer that designs their cargo insurance program to provide reliable, comprehensive coverage that you can trust.

Whether you arrange for the transportation of goods across the nation or around the globe, there’s always a possibility that the product won’t make it to its destination (or may be damaged in transit). Thefts, accidents and other mishaps can wreak havoc to your bottom line. The only real way to protect your profit from these losses is a customized cargo insurance program. If you own, manage or operate any type of freight business you should consider speaking to a commercial cargo insurance expert.

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