What Protection Comes From a Consultants Professional Liability Insurance Wholesaler?

As an insurance agent, it is your responsibility to offer your clients in the consulting industry the best in insurance options. A consultants professional liability insurance wholesaler can help you to do just that. A wholesaler can help you to understand the protection that is offered with consultants professional liability insurance. You can, in turn, provide that information to your clients to help them make a more informed decision. This type of insurance protects your clients against claims of:


  • Breach of nondisclosure
  • Deliberately disseminating false information
  • Employee theft
  • Failure to prevent theft
  • Improper data handling
  • Improper documentation
  • Improper verification of facts
  • Loss of data
  • Misrepresentation
  • Missed deadlines
  • State and federal law violations


As consultants, your clients need protection against these claims. While they do their best, no consultant will do a perfect job every time, which is why a consultants professional liability insurance wholesaler should be contacted.


If you have clients looking for the best protection for claims made against them, speaking to a wholesaler might be the best first step to take. Whether you have dealt with consultants before, or if this is a new undertaking, realize that they have specific needs that should be handled individually and with the most care. A consultants professional liability insurance wholesaler will help you do that.


photo credit: mugley cc
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