Remember Jamzilla? Avoid the Century Crunch!

A lot of the staff at Joomla3 Template work around the globe, but there’s one constant: We’re all tied to California in some way.

I personally remember landing in Los Angeles just in time for something the locals called ‘Jamzilla’. It was horrible. I mean even the ‘regular’ traffic was already horrible. It’s then that I realized why Californians call freeways by “the”. If I was on a road for 1/4 of my day, I’d start revering the stuffing out of my roads too. They deserve to be called “the”.

But I digress.

My colleague is headed out to LA tonight just in time for a horrible construction-related traffic jam called the “Century Crunch” and worst of all: It’s right next to the LAX Airport. Why would anyone be so cruel?

Apparently its for some light rail. Public transportation is sorely needed so it’s a good step for a city that barely considers anything outside of getting into the car as transportation.

Make sure your taxi’s avoid the 405 freeway. Don’t let the meter blow all your night-out money.


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