Renters Insurance and Safety Tips

While landlords are responsible for the building and the units they rent out to their tenants, renters must protect their own personal property by investing in renters insurance. This will ensure that they are covered in the event their personal items become lost or stolen.


The best way to protect belongings you’ve worked hard to obtain, especially when it comes to valuable and sentimental items, is to contact an insurance agency in Texas and discuss your policy options. In the event that something happens that causes damage to your personal property, you can rest assured that you’ve taken the necessary steps to at least get properly reimbursed.


Keep inventory of all valuables


You’ll want to come up with an accurate estimate for the value of all of your personal items. Do a thorough inventory of everything in the apartment and list the estimated cost for replacing each item. Add it up and make sure the insurance you purchase will cover this amount.


It may sound like an awful lot of work, but consider the alternative. Simply set aside a little time each week, make note of any major items, and make a habit of keeping receipts for new purchases. You can also use email confirmations of online purchases as proof. Save all the information gathered in a spreadsheet or whatever preferred format you choose.


Photos are great for cataloguing items 


Take the time to photograph each and every last item you own, making sure to get snapshots of the most valuable pieces you own. Include furniture, electronics, and any jewelry. Even if you think some items hold little or no value, snap a few pictures of everything. Leave to the adjuster to determine what the value may be. Also, record anything with a serial number or identifiable marks in the event they are stolen.


Keep list of important items in a safe place


Make a copy of the inventory, along with the renter’s insurance policy, and upload the photos online, storing everything somewhere safe outside of your dwelling. A safe deposit box is a safe bet, or a trusted friend’s place, or in an online cloud storage system. These are all good places to keep your records.


When renewing your insurance policy each year, be sure to make a note of any new items acquired and add them to these records. If you change the insurance agency in Texas you currently are working with, make sure to include this information on your new policy.


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