Revealing Too Much Can Trigger Computer Consultant Insurance Claims

Computer consultant insurance is a good thing, reflected Amy of ABS Consulting, in the aftermath of the five-figure lawsuit filed against her for accidentally breaching the nondisclosure agreement she had signed with one of her oldest (and now former) clients. Admittedly, it was a careless mistake–simply posting a message to a variety of social media sites. Commenting about her vacation after finishing up a job, Amy thought she was being vague but actually provided enough information for the data, in aggregate, to form a picture of what she had been working on. The client was understandably angry, even more so when a counter-move by a competitor made it obvious that the information Amy had inadvertently leaked had been used to the competitor’s advantage. There were multiple lessons to be learned from the ordeal, Amy found.

Read the Nondisclosure Agreement Carefully

Make sure you understand completely what you are agreeing to before signing an NDA. It may stipulate not only the nature of the information not to be shared, but may also have requirements about the segregated storage, return, or destruction of a client’s data after a certain period of time (e.g., five years after completion of a job). If so, set a tickler in the firm’s calendar to perform the required task at the appropriate time so that it is not overlooked.

Be Careful about Social Media

It’s common, especially for the younger generation, to post updates about your whereabouts and the goings-on in your life–particularly when you’re in a novel location (hello, Kathmandu), enjoying a new thrill (skydiving for the first time?), or just finished a major milestone event (software testing finally completed). However, make sure you don’t accidentally reveal client information in the process. Sometimes posting seemingly innocuous comments, if there are enough of them, can provide too much information that an interested party can use to its advantage, as Amy discovered. Also, publicizing information about being on vacation is essentially advertising that your home and workplace are empty, which could encourage theft.

Talk to a Professional for Guidance

Work with a professional insurance agent, who can advise you about computer consultant insurance for the liability you face for a variety of risks, such as misrepresentation of facts, improper documentation, data losses or breaches, negligence, and many other exposures. An agent can tell you about a comprehensive mix of protection for these and other common dangers that threaten your livelihood. Talk to an agent today.

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