Safeguard Your Vintage Vehicle With the Ideal Insurance Coverage

Now that you have found the vintage car you have been searching for, the next step is protecting its value. As you consider purchasing vintage car insurance, it is vital to find an insurance company that understands how to provide coverage for these automobiles.


Agreed Value


One of the main differences between a standard auto insurance policy and a policy for a vintage auto is how the value of the vehicle is determined. Your local insurance provider may look up the worth of your vehicle and offer inexpensive rates. But if you get into an accident, the automobile will be assessed as an old car and your loss will be considerable. However, if you have vintage car insurance, you will receive what it is currently worth.


The key is finding an insurance provider that will give you coverage based on an agreed value. You will be allowed to specify an amount that the car is worth, and the company might also require an appraisal of its market price.


How Often Is It Driven?


Perhaps you drive your car occasionally, such as to a show or on a weekend. If so, you can opt for short term insurance that covers several days a year. If you plan to drive it more often, then ask your agent to tailor the policy to your driving needs.


Your vintage car is a treasured possession, and by purchasing vintage car insurance you can be assured that it is covered and protected for years to come.


photo credit: Eduardo Deboni cc
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