Safety, Cleanliness, and Tavern Insurance

You started a bar or tavern, perhaps in your old neighborhood, because you wanted a friendly spot for friends and neighbors to congregate. What you might not have fully expected was all that goes into running a successful business. Aside from normal day-to-day operations, bar owners are responsible for the safety of their customers along with their employees.

This is an industry that is fraught with risks, ranging from slips and falls, to food contamination and security concerns. This can seem like quite a daunting task, and for good reason. Safety issues should be a priority, and tavern insurance needs to be in place to help deal with unsavory legal situations.

Safety and cleanliness should be your top priorities

It’s not surprising that some important measures can easily get overlooked, especially when it gets extremely busy, but this should never come at the expense of many of the larger safety issues. Anticipate that at times you could be experiencing rather large crowds, especially on weekends and holidays, and inform your staff about their responsibilities for preventing accidents when the place gets rocking.

Have staff follow specific procedures

Have employees use a proper ice scoop to fill glasses with ice and resist the temptation to go barehanded into the ice bin. Preferably you should provide plastic or stainless steel utensils because glass ones may accidentally crack and shatter into the icebox. For sanitary reasons, keep the ice scoop in a clean, protected location (and not in the ice box itself) and have them rinse it off prior to using it.

If serving food, instruct them to close garnish trays when they’re not in use to prevent cross-contamination from occurring. Avoid spreading germs by having bartenders remove and place garnishes using a toothpick or tongs.

The task of handling trash

By the end of the night, trash bins tend to fill up with empty broken bottles and leftover liquids, which may bring up safety concerns when a worker has to dump them out. Always use thick garbage bags (or double bag trashcans) to help prevent leakage and glass shards from jutting through and creating cuts and wounds. Provide workers with thick work gloves and advise them not to carry bags against their chest, or to avoid running while carrying full, heavy trash bags.

Your job is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere in and around your establishment, and tavern insurance should be in place to help you handle any sticky situations.

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