Safety, Maintenance and Laundromat Insurance

One thing that every owner of a coin-operated laundromat should make his or her top priority is safety. After all, the locals who utilize your business depend on you to ensure that they don’t become victims of an injury caused by faulty equipment or other unsafe conditions. Maintaining a safe and secure environment not only benefits employees and customers, but as a laundromat owner, it can impact your bottom line.

You’ll need plenty of Laundromat insurance to help pay costs associated with any liability issues. By properly maintaining and securing your store, you’ll not only protect your assets and profits, but you’ll also keep your customers and employees happy and secure while making sure your store is operating at its full potential.

Regular maintenance is essential

Keeping your laundromat as safe as possible will minimize the possibility of insurance claims, so be sure to inspect your facility for existing problems on a regular basis and be sure to fix any issues brought to your attention immediately. This includes both, the inside of your facility, as well as the outside of the building. As a laundromat owner you can prevent the likelihood of insurance claims by operating your coin laundry properly.

Wet floors are the cause of many slips, trips and falls. This can also occur outside the walls of the laundry due to cracks, potholes, or uneven pavement. While you may only be renting the premises, you could still be held liable for injuries customers might incur while entering or leaving your commercial laundry. If you notice problems outside of your store needing the landlord’s attention, be sure to immediately notify the property owner, and keep copies of all correspondence including package delivery receipts, or confirmations from certified letters.

This industry has experienced some high-profile accidents resulting from issues like safety door locks on machines not operating properly. These types of incidents could result in loss of limbs and other serious consequences. No frontload washer door should ever open while the washer is in cycle and no top load washer should ever continue in cycle upon lifting of the lid (all lid switches must be kept in proper working order).

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard for by not keeping everything in tip-top condition. Laundromat insurance is better served by taking care of necessary repairs in order to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

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