San Francisco Apartment Insurance for Property Owners

Property owners can appreciate the value of having commercial property insurance for all of the risks and exposures associated with renting out space to families, who could fall prey to damages as a result of natural weather conditions, fire, or other hazards that the landlord would be deemed responsible for making the property inhabitable for his or her tenants.


Insurance is the one fail-safe way of dealing with any type of accident or other occurrence that happens that requires expensive repairs or replacement of lost or damaged items. Any person that currently renting or leasing apartment space in the Bay Area should carry San Francisco apartment insurance in case a disaster occurs.


Those who find themselves without proper amounts of insurance protection could be jeopardizing their biggest assets, since empty apartments equates to a serious loss of revenue. There is a definite need for coverage in the form of personal liability insurance protection in case of liability lawsuits or certain other legal actions being sought.


Fortunately, a comprehensive property insurance and general liability insurance program that includes many different policies will cover many issues that may come to light, as well as Workers Compensation Insurance, for employees performing regular work duties at apartment complexes, along with employment practices liability insurance, to name just a few policies that every landlord should consider for added protection from lawsuits.


Protection for Homeowners Association is another important consideration


Because they make decisions for tenants and may also come under scrutiny, there could be a need for Directors and Officers Insurance as well. After all, anyone who makes decisions that affect the lives of others could be blamed, or found at fault, when an issue arises from some rule they enforce, or some mandate that they create that is met with criticism and accusations of misdeeds.


Consider the purchase of other available coverages


The first step in getting San Francisco apartment insurance is to consider the vast array of exposures, and decide on other possible coverages including:


  • Insurance for building contents


  • Business Interruption with extra expense


  • Outdoor signs and property


  • Sewer and drain backup


  • Costs to return tenants who were displaced


  • Business Auto


  • Stored property, and more


There might also be a need to cover valuable papers, money and securities, and cyber-related losses. Speak to a reputable agent about any questions or concerns.


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