Staff Insurance and Hiring Tips

Staffing companies are constantly busy finding the best temporary employees for organizations both big and small. To run smoothly they need all types of staff insurance to protect the company and the temp workers they help to get hired. Thanks to staffing firms, 11.5 million temporary employees are hired each year. The real trick is to ensure that the very best workers end up filling positions for employers needing temp employees. Here are a couple of useful tips for finding and hiring the very best candidates.


Create clear and concise job descriptions


Practically everyone is good at doing something and the idea is to match the right candidate with the right opening. Employers often need workers with specific skills to complete specific tasks. Therefore owners need to instruct their managers to make sure that the job descriptions are crystal clear as to what duties are required. For example, for a position as a secretary they may be required to type a certain number of words per minute and be able to take dictation.


When hiring a full-time employee, training can sometimes fill gaps for a talented individual who just needs a little training to get up to speed, but a temp employee needs to be able to immediately fill in for a sick or injured worker or fill a position with the knowledge and tools to perform the required tasks from the start in order for the company to really see value.


Therefore the job of the temp agency is to make sure they list out everything that is absolutely needed in a temporary worker. That way there won’t be any confusion on what skills and qualifications are necessary to perform the job.


Utilization of video interviews


Video interviews have helped many staffing companies quickly connect with the best temporary talent available. By using a video interview, managers can connect personally with candidates while cutting out some of the middle stages of the typical hiring process. Phone screens, which are often the stepping-stone between the paper resume and the in-person interview, tend to eat up precious time without giving the company much information about the candidate on the other end of the line.


Once hired, the next step is to place them with a company where they can help promote the agency by doing a great job. Staff insurance is vital for a number of scenarios, including instances where the candidate creates issues that result in severe financial losses, or in the event they suffer an injury while on the job.


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