Social Media Strategies for Insurance Agencies

Social media is at the peak of its heyday. This means businesses can utilize it to their full advantage for increasing brand awareness. When it comes to insurance social media is a medium that agencies can use for generating leads. However, don’t think you can just send a post here and there and expect hundreds of followers by the end of the week.

What to Include in Your Posts

Consider the following key points for effective posting when interacting with your followers and potential clients:

  • Posts should be informational; however, feel free to link to internal blog posts on your Web page.
  • Include tip-of-the-day posts, such as reminding clients to keep their insurance documents updated or encouraging prospect clients to use your free online insurance calculator.
  • Feel free to use social media lingo, such as “OMG,” “LOL,” happy faces, and even emoticons. While this may seem overly informal and even unprofessional, it may help clients see that the company consists of everyday people who are no different than the clients they serve.
  • Respond to as many individual inquiries as possible, and always address the follower by their name. If you are getting multiple similar questions, then answer it in detail in a blog post and link to it through your social media accounts.

Secure New Clients

When dealing with insurance social media is the hub for acquiring new leads from your key demographic audience. This will help form a rapport between agents and clients.


photo credit: alexyangphotography cc
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