Some Tips on Insurance Sales Marketing for Young Salespersons

Selling insurance is different from selling anything else because you’re selling ideas, you’re selling trust, and ultimately, you’re selling yourself. It can be a huge challenge and one that requires someone that is passionate and open-minded. In order for young, inexperienced insurance salespeople to be successful they need a bit of nurturing, and a few helpful tips on how to start to grow their book of business. Following these tips can lead to a successful insurance sales marketing campaign.

  1. Dress professionally – By dressing more professionally, clients are more likely to take you seriously. Your boss and your coworkers will take you more seriously as well, but most importantly, you’ll likely feel more confidence looking the part, and furthermore, acting the part.
  2. Avoid using slang when speaking to perspectives – Consider the age of the person you may be speaking to and try to talk to them in a language they’re most comfortable with. Avoid using expressions that may turn off, or otherwise confuse the listener. After all, you are representing a company and talking about very serious products and services and your manner of speaking should reflect this. While being yourself is important, and you shouldn’t have to apologize for it, when you’re trying to sell, the more you speak like your prospect the better success you’re likely to have. Frankly, if your prospect doesn’t use certain terms it’s harder to earn their trust when you do.
  3. Search for common ground – Regardless of your prospect’s age or background, there’s always something you’re likely to have in common. Ask questions designed to break the ice and garner some shared interests. For example, did you grow up in the same neighborhood, or do you like the same football team? Do you both have kids, or are you both active in the church? Asking questions allows you to focus on the commonalities and ease into the conversation about why you called or the reason for your visit.
  4. Be enthusiastic – Everybody likes enthusiasm, and as a young salesman you can naturally display unbridled enthusiasm without coming off too strong. People will accept the fact that you’re young and have a lot of energy and often they’ll like it.

Good insurance sales marketing is all about tapping into your audience and providing useful information in a relaxing and trustful manner. As with anything else, practice will make the process all that much easier!

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