Sound Advice for Insurance Telemarketing Techniques

Insurance telemarketing is an art, and as such, it’s not something one simply does well overnight. It takes practice, and naturally mistakes will be made along the learning curve. That said there are some simple techniques that most agents use that will help to make your efforts pay off in the long run.

  1. Institute a healthy use of prompts – Since they can’t memorize everything they want to address during a call, the most successful sales reps have prompts that they often refer to. These are opening statements, specific questions, checklists, persuasive descriptive statements, and other time-tested phrases that get results. This often helps with the flow of the conversation as well.
  2. Concentrate less on selling and more on listening – If the prospect feels like they’re on a sales call they’re more likely to try to put an end to the conversation quickly. The more doggedly a rep tries to sell, the less he or she tends to listen and address the concerns of the person. This increases the number of times the other person will object since his or her needs are not being addressed.
  3. Make an impact on conference calls – When given the opportunity to present to a group or committee on a conference call, ask your contact to provide you, in advance, with the names, titles, and backgrounds of all those in attendance. Make up a list of potential questions (see #1) or concerns of the individuals in the group. Develop a fact sheet with relevant information for everyone before your call ensuring everyone has a copy, and make sure to address every person by name.
  4. Make sure your customers are satisfied – Remember that you won’t always have a perfect fit with what someone needs, so it’s better to turn down a sale rather than have it degenerate into a huge problem down the line. After all, it’s your job to understand what results your customer expects, and then ensure that you can deliver before you sell them.

If it simply isn’t a good fit, refer them to someone else, since helping the prospect get what they want and need still accomplishes your ultimate objective, which should be to be of help to them. This can only increase your credibility, which can result in them keeping you in mind when they have other needs, which may pertain to your products and services. Hopefully this sound bit of advice will help you in your insurance telemarketing objectives.

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