Special Hired and Non-Owned Auto Considerations for Staffing Agencies

While many businesses have coverage for employees who use personal vehicles for business purposes, staffing agencies have additional concerns. Research into hired and non owned auto additional insured coverage shows that staffing agencies should ensure they are covered for these unique situations.

The Use of Client Vehicles

Client vehicles, which are routinely used by staffing agency employees, are generally not covered by most standard hired and non owned auto additional insured policies. It is crucial to check that your business is covered for any damages or against any claims for injury if an employee is involved in an accident with a client’s car.

Rental Vehicles

If any of your employees use rental vehicles for business-related purposes, you will need secure coverage for those vehicles. They can be purchased through the rental company or as a special rider to your auto policy.

Temporary Employees

Pay special attention to employee status when considered a policy. Temporary employees are not usually covered as additional insureds on a business policy. If your agency classifies workers as temporary, you may need additional coverage.

It is imperative that staffing agencies consider all of the implications of their employees driving client vehicles when choosing insurance. The right hired and non owned auto additional insured policy can protect your assets and limit liability.

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