Special Needs in Insurance for the Service Industry

The unique needs of business insurance in the service industry call for specialized coverage. With the range of exposure that is typical in the field, and the number of employees performing various tasks, finding the right country clubs workers comp coverage is one of the most important tasks in the business operation. As an ongoing expense that bears a direct relationship to the record of safety and security, workers compensation coverage is a legal requirement that affects various businesses in different ways.


Employees Working as Guests are Relaxing


Country clubs are a unique type of business, providing a range of services from dining and hosting gatherings, to sports activities recreation, and more for their guests. The employees who serve the guests, maintain the facilities, and provide other services at the club each fill unique roles in the operation and face very different risks in performing their work. The country clubs workers comp insurance must be unique and be specifically tailored to the particular business and its needs. Working with insurance specialists, the risk management officer at the club can find ways to reduce premiums while maintaining optimal coverage. Insurance experts can help find opportunities to reduce risk and improve training for employees so that they can do their jobs better and safer for everyone, leading to reduced claims, lower premiums, and legal compliance that makes everyone’s job easier and safer.


photo credit: aldenjewell cc
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