Subcontractor Best Practices for Avoiding Discrimination

Hiring subcontractors is a major part of the construction process, and doing it well can be the difference between a successful job and a disaster. Subcontractor best practices enable you to hire qualified workers who will contribute to your job’s success while minimizing personal bias which might prevent you from finding and hiring them.

Use Multiple Channels

When recruiting subcontractors, use a variety of channels in order to reach a diverse demographic. Some of the best candidates may speak languages other than English, so consider posting the job in the secondary and tertiary languages of the region. Typically disenfranchised groups within the construction industry – such as women and members of the LGBTQ community – may feel more comfortable responding to your job posting if it is listed in a forum that serves women in construction because it shows that you feel positively about working with women.

Remove Identifying Information

Once you have a selection of candidates, make comparisons between a small number of those most qualified based on their resume and references. To avoid personal bias, consider removing information from their resumes and references which could lead to discrimination, such as their name, dates of employment, or organization affiliation. You may refer to their submitted documents as Candidates A, B, and C, for example.

Not only is it best for you and your project to hire the most qualified candidates based on their skills, it is also the legal thing to do. Don’t let your personal bias prohibit you and your customer from completing the job successfully.

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