Protect Your Business in One Customized, Comprehensive Package

Even the most experienced businesses are not immune from incidents that could involve liability claims. Fortunately, insurance programs can help business owners face the challenges that come with managing property, employees, and customers. Every business has unique needs and risks, and a personalized insurance bundle could provide you with the coverage you need. A commercial package policy may be a good choice for your company if you want to have effective protection for liability issues but don’t want to invest in extra coverage that is not suited to your needs.

Your business may benefit from having the security of a customized package to utilize in the case of unexpected expenses. This program can not only comprise of a wide variety of policies, but also it can allow businesses to choose which coverage to include, such as general liability, auto insurance, crime, and property damage. Plus, this combined package often comes with a premium discount, so you can be protected at an affordable cost.

In cases that could be as minor as sewage backup or as threatening as a fire or lawsuit resulting from a worker injury, a commercial package policy can save your company from having to deal with difficult financial loss and legal complications, so you can continue to profit without worry.

Advantages of a Commercial Package Policy

A commercial package policy (CCP) can include many different types of coverages, such as property insurance, liability, owned auto, crime, as well as inland marine and professional liability. By packaging these coverages you allow yourself greater flexibility to create a bundled insurance package specifically for the needs of your organization.

You can go with a standard blend of coverages that include general liability and business property insurance, or go with a richer combination of policies, for example, business auto, equipment breakdown, inland marine, business income, and product liability insurance, which enables you to have the exact coverage you desire in one convenient package.

As with most businesses, as your company grows you may find your insurance needs will change and become more complex. Having a CPP is an excellent way to customize your business insurance coverage in a much more coordinated and affordable way.

A CPP provides vast benefits

The benefits of a CCP to your company, from a financial perspective, is that you save money by bundling several policies as opposed to purchasing them separately and you only have to deal with one agent. This added convenience makes it easier when you have to file a claim. It’s important to understand that insurance under a CCP can be structured with a great deal of specificity in coverage, deductibles and payout limits. It can also be enhanced by stand-alone liability policies, such as pollution liability, employment practices liability, and other coverages that may be necessary for you to have in place, but many of which are not available under a CPP.

This is why you need to research the different types of insurance that is available, and discuss with an agent exactly which policies are needed to fully protect your company. Balancing your coverage by purchasing policies specific to your business needs is crucial to maintaining the protection you desire. This becomes increasingly significant when basic covered perils and territorial limits warrant expansion. While purchasing a commercial package policy is a very useful solution, sound valuation is also crucial in order to get the most out of your purchases.