Reduce Your Risk of Injury or Property Damage When Loading Your Truck

Truckers take risks every day on the road. Highway accidents can happen, cargo can be lost and any other number of unique risks can occur. Liabilities don’t just start when you hit the highway, however. They begin when loading and unloading the cargo.

Tips for Smart Loading and Unloading

When you load or unload a truck, you need to stay mindful of any gaps or drops in the ground. You need to know where to step, in order not to fall with the cargo.

  • Perform a maintenance check
  • Stay alert
  • Secure all goods
  • Inspect cargo

Machines can malfunction. If you are using a forklift or any other heavy equipment, have maintenance performed ahead of time to ensure that there are no malfunctions during operation. Stay on the lookout for any hazards to the truck or those loading and unloading cargo. Potholes, debris or unstable platforms can lead to accidents.

Extra Protection for Truckers

Even if you perfect your loading and unloading trucks technique and do everything possible to mitigate the risk of an accident, there is always a chance that an accident could happen while lifting and loading cargo. If it does, occupational insurance coverage and cargo insurance can protect employees and cargo.

The more thorough you are, the less likely you are to have an accident while loading or unloading the truck. Keep yourself and your cargo safe by following safe loading tips.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Yacht Insurance

When you are planning a day on the water with your yacht, the last thing you want to think about is something potentially going wrong.  Unfortunately, incidents do happen and it is really important to be prepared for the worst.  If you own a yacht and you live in California, you should consider CA yacht insurance.

What is Protected Under a Typical Yacht Insurance Policy?

Yacht insurance provides protection that falls under two categories.  The first is physical damage.  This part of the policy covers your boat, its machinery, its sails, and any other equipment on board. If any of these things are damaged by an incident like an accident or a rough storm, this part of the insurance will prevent you from having to cover the damages out of pocket.

The other part of the policy covers liability.  This refers to legal obligations that can occur with third parties.  It applies when you cause damage to someone else’s property with your boat or injure/kill someone with your boat.  For example, let’s say you get into an accident with another boat and you seriously injure someone on that boat.  This person could sue you but the liability part of your yacht insurance will cover the legal costs.

Owning a yacht has many upsides but is not without risk.  Make sure you are protected and purchase yacht insurance today.