Three Simple Business Insurance Coverages For Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur searching for commercial insurance to protect your new company? While the number of coverage options can make the process appear to be complicated for those who are unfamiliar, there are some basic concepts that make up all policies. Below are three coverages that you should plan to include in your new policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability is there to protect you against lawsuits from the everyday execution of your business. If a third party sustains an injury or property damage on your premises or because of your business activities, your policy would pay for any legal fees and damages for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability Insurance

As seen on, professional liability insurance protects your business in case you’re accused of making an error or delivering sub-standard service. Like general liability, if a lawsuit is filed, your professional liability policy would cover the costs of your legal responsibilities damages owed.

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects your business by covering your property against damage or loss. Items that can be covered include your landscaping, building, furniture, equipment and electronic property. If your property is hit by a fire, storm, vandalism or theft, your policy would cover the costs to repair and replace them.
There are many other coverage options available to you depending on your industry and local government requirements. Work with an experienced agent to craft a policy that meets your needs.

Commercial Marine Insurance Programs are Vital to Our Economy

Much of the trade and product distribution in the US is dependent upon companies involved with global supply chains and the logistics service providers that work fervently to ensure the delivery of goods in the US and around the world. Commercial Marine Insurance Programs consist of services and products specifically designed to respond to the intricate risk profiles of the many entities that make up this dynamic and complex industry.

Brokers like you need to be able to provide your clients in the marine cargo industry, many involved in the transportation of goods on state highways, including oversized cargo, along with warehouse operators, with flexible and broad coverage for travel by rail, road and waterways. Many of your clients understand the value of a stock throughput policy that provides coverage from the “cradle to the grave.” Providing the necessary insurance solutions to ensure that they are covered in the event that any one of a number of issues develop during their daily operations gives them much needed peace of mind.

Worldwide stock throughput coverage is vital

A Stock Throughput policy is helpful in eliminating possible coverage gaps thereby creating a policy that protects many products and other merchandise on a global basis from loss or damages that may occur. This policy provides a safeguard for the entire time the insured is responsible for the goods in their care. As the broker you’ll be providing not only continuous coverage, but also a simple and easy claims process, and reduced premium expenses as well.

Freight forwarders, property brokers, and warehouse operators are unfortunately all in a position to be held liable for any damage to precious cargo while it is in their care, custody and control. This includes those times when they are arranging for transport of the shipments. Explain the benefits of this coverage (available in various forms) to provide defense to intermediaries against any allegations of neglect or mishandling and provide for indemnification in instances where they are found negligent.

Warehouse operators also have a legal responsibility for cargo lost or damaged while in their custody. Providing them with bailee legal liability coverage, also available under Commercial Marine Insurance Programs, will satisfy their needs when a claim is brought against them as well.

Manufacturers Insurance for Valued Protection

Manufacturing companies provide products for a lot of industries across the US and many corporations rely on getting their precious merchandise on time for an awaiting market. If you begin experiencing delays you may face the possibility of losing crucial business from major firms you do dealings with. You need to consider the impact that having a work stoppage due to an equipment breakdown issue could cause for you and your business.

When your operations become interrupted due to a mechanical issue how will you be able to deliver your orders? Without backup equipment in place and at the ready you may need to find alternate ways to fill orders, either optional facilities or the rental of equipment. This naturally will increase your costs adding even more concern, and that’s where having manufacturers insurance comes into play.

Customers likely will not wait because they have deadlines to meet as well, so there’s a real likelihood that orders may be cancelled and you’ll also suffer a loss of revenue, along with possible damage to your reputation. Having coverage for equipment breakdown is the solution to this issue.

Many types of mechanical issues can occur

Aside from equipment used in manufacturing there is probably additional equipment that keeps your business up and running. Air conditioning for hot summer months, and boiler and pressure vessels are commonly used for heat and hot water. Cookers, sterilizers and some cleaning equipment are other common types of pressure vessels.

Boiler and pressure vessel accidents can be the result of defective welding, scale or sediment build-up, or simply the failure of control or safety devices. Persons in close proximity could experience a serious injury in the event of a major malfunction adding additional concerns.

Another common exposure for many manufacturers is electrical systems, which can further add to delays. Transformers, panels and cables, many of which are interconnected cause additional risk since excessive voltage issues in any one of these components can lead to significant damage to the entire system.

If your company has the distinct possibility of an equipment failure issue you should get the protection you need by having manufacturers insurance that includes equipment breakdown coverage to keep you up and running.

Coverage Concerns and Warehouse Insurance in Orlando

Warehouses have a slew of liability issues stemming from the equipment in use and the heavy merchandise often stored on the premises. This requires owners to carry warehouse insurance in Orlando, and in particular legal liability insurance as coverage for their warehouse storage operations. This policy helps cover a business as a “bailee” and that means they’re covered as a business entrusted with the property of others for any direct physical loss (or any damage of property) that happens during storage, docking, packaging, labeling or any other services provided by the company acting as a bailee.

Warehouse owners and managers have the arduous task of keeping the merchandise moving. The last thing they want slowing them down are concerns about whether they have the right insurance. An agent familiar with this industry understands that products can be at your location or on a truck and that inventory values change seasonally. This is why you need flexible limits and reasonable rates. Industry experts created warehouse insurance in Orlando that can provide protection specifically tailored to your needs, with the added goal of helping you to avoid costly claims.

Warehouse owners have a daunting task

The warehouse industry is integral to the logistics and distribution chain here in the US. A warehouse owner can unfortunately be held responsible for many different operations as a direct result of the services they provide, all of which come with many different exposures to loss due to a number of inherent risks associated with this type of work.

Everything from arranging the transportation of goods from one point to another, the storing of merchandise, managing inventory, and even the task of packaging products, comes with its own concerns. As an owner you must be fully aware that along the way anything can and may possibly go wrong.

In addition to concerns regarding merchandise being stored in your facility you also need to protect your building which is another important goal for any warehouse owner. After all your building, along with the items stored in it, is your business. The precise type and amount of coverage you may need depends on the type of structure you own, the kind of items you store inside and the way you handle those items. You may have a sprinkler system for fire safety, but you’re still going to need warehouse insurance in Orlando to protect you, not only from fire damage, but theft and other possible catastrophes as well.

Keys to Success in Marketing for Insurance

Part of what it takes to be successful at selling products and services as an agent lies in marketing for insurance. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to put together a successful insurance marketing campaign. The most important components of a marketing plan include a smartly designed website, social media content, and having somewhat unique landing pages.

Remember, any type of marketing needs a strategy and a goal to fulfill. For example, you may start off by trying something new, for instance posting a banner if that’s something that the company hasn’t tried in the past, or start a newsletter that aims at highlighting service and product roll outs that might actually interest new visitors to your website.

Promote the website often and routinely

Promoting the website on all marketing efforts can help to create substantial results. This may even provide some word-of-mouth referrals and increase traffic to your site. Include a collection of video testimonials from satisfied clients as this can also help to impact business growth. You can use them online for marketing purposes and at conventions when engaging with prospects in person.

Community involvement helps bolster recognition

The smartest agencies are becoming increasingly involved in local causes that support their communities and this can really pays off. Being an active member of the community helps to get people using your services as opposed to seeking out another agency. These types of efforts often generate new clients because most people are inclined to support businesses that strive to make their community a better place to live.

There are certainly hundreds of other tactics and ideas in use for marketing for insurance, but one thing every agent knows is important is good customer service. It’s by far the most effective way to gain loyalty and trust. People appreciate it when they’re made to feel special, and when agents provide customers with outstanding service they often show their appreciation by offering up referrals.

Tracking metrics can also be very useful

Most agencies understand the importance of tracking exactly where new business opportunities are coming from. This informs them which marketing efforts are actually paying off. Tracking the number of policies per client enables an agent to know whether they are building good relationships as well. Consider all of these to be important aspects for marketing for insurance.

Employment Agency Insurance and Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage for staffing firms, as a part of any robust employment agency insurance program, is designed to protect companies against claims brought by an applicant or employee for allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other aspects of employment practices.

This policy is designed to provide coverage to the staffing firm for in-house employees as well as for contract (temporary employees) placed with clients who fall subject to their client’s work environments. While coverage is extended to the clients for any actions of the staffing services workers while at the client’s workplace, coverage is also extended to non-employees subject to the workplace environment as well.

Workplace investigations address important concerns

When an incident occurs an investigation helps to address problems and are an important tool for responding to complaints or incidents regarding suspected workplace misconduct. These investigations can also help improve employee morale, increase productivity, and end inappropriate conduct by employees and staff.

Internal investigations are vital to an employer’s ability to avoid litigation by promptly responding to any concerns about the work environment. In some cases, litigation might possibly be avoided altogether, since employees who feel their employers have addressed their complaints often respond positively when they feel the matter has been properly handled.

When necessary it’s best to initiate the investigation promptly, however do not compromise confidentiality, and assure those involved that all information garnered will be treated with sensitivity. It is best to remain as impartial as possible and never make assumptions. Also, choose an investigator who will avoid rushing to judgment.

Conduct an effective investigation

You can help with the investigation by explaining the process using simple language to communicate the purpose of the investigation to the complainant and any witnesses. Ask the witnesses to identify corroborating evidence or any documents related to the situation.

Document the procedure carefully by taking detailed notes, but remain mindful of attorney-client privilege issues. Remain professional and courteous toward all witnesses, including the complainant and the accused and remind involved parties of their obligations, which include confidentiality, non-retaliation, and the need for truthfulness and candor.

Always attempt to resolve issues fairly and satisfactorily, but in the event things go sour, employment agency insurance coverage will help you in dealing with any legal issues.

Dangerous Dog Insurance for Owners of Aggressive Pets

Did you know that dog bites occur to more than 4 million Americans every year? Nearly one out of every five of those bites causes an injury requiring medical attention, this according to the Centers for Disease Control. Young children are the most frequent victims of dog attacks and are much more likely than adults to be injured by their wounds. Dogs considered to be dangerous due to their breeding are often the cause of attacks due to their aggressive nature.

While strays and other strange dogs can be responsible, most people are actually bitten by the family pet or a dog owned by a friend. Owners of these more aggressive animals need coverage, although some insurers are afraid of the risks involved. Still, there are companies willing to dispense dangerous dog insurance to aid those who are fond of these types of breeds.

Ways in which owners can help to prevent dog bites

When shopping for a new pet it’s important to choose a dog with a good temperament as a family pet. If you’re in the process of training the dog you should never leave young children alone with your pet. During training, try to discourage the dog from biting as a response to being approached, and whenever approaching someone while walking your dog, give the dog a command to heal or stay, particularly if the animal begins to growl. If your dog becomes aggressive, restrain the dog until the other person has walked past.

In the event your dog does bite or scratch someone it’s probably a good idea to provide first aid whenever possible. Dog bites can cause infections that need to be treated with antibiotics, especially if the bite is deep, or the bleeding can’t be stopped, or there are any signs of infection.

The proper care for a dog bite injury includes placing a clean towel over the injury to stop any bleeding, washing the bite carefully with soap and water, applying antibiotic ointment to the injury when possible, and applying a sterile bandage to the wound. For more serious injuries, after dressing the wound the victim should see a doctor immediately.

Owning a dog with an aggressive nature or a breed considered to be overtly aggressive, such as a pit bull or Rottweiler, means additional concerns when an incident occurs. Owners should seek a quote for dangerous dog insurance coverage as soon as possible, which will be necessary in the event your dog does cause an unfortunate injury.

NM Insurance for Electricians

As an electrical service installer working in or near New Mexico, you need to keep your business protected. The way that any electrician can ensure that his company can withstand lawsuits, injuries and other types of claims are through his or her insurance. When working as an electrician, you’re going to have your share of risks and exposures both on and off the job, and as a business owner you have to do everything in your power when it comes to taking care of your equipment and employees.

The time is ripe for you to look into getting the right policy through an NM Insurance broker or agency to protect you from any number of liability issues, including:

  • Safety issues
  • Injuries to employees
  • Faulty or bad workmanship, or
  • Injuries to customers or clients

Things to prioritize when working with electricity

Safety issues should be high on the list of priorities. Electricity is one of the most dangerous things we harness for energy and a severe electrical shock could end up with you in a hospital or far worse. You need to take extra precaution when servicing an electrical component at a home or office and to make sure that the work is being done with little risk to yourself and others. Also, if an employee suffers a job related injury there is workers compensation issues that could end up being quite costly without proper coverage.

Your employees, while trained to perform the work, may not consider everything involved when it comes to safety on the job. Safety meetings and memos to discuss anything that could possibly go wrong while on a job should be regularly scheduled and new hires should be required to attend meetings before ever going out on an assignment.

You value your customers and need to be sure that each job is thoroughly examined after work is completed. You wouldn’t want the risk of your work causing an injury of some sort down the road. Check all work and confirm that everything needed has been done before leaving the site of a job. Injuries to clients or customers is not only bad for your reputation, this could also result in large settlements for any injuries or deaths resulting from your bad workmanship.

These are legitimate concerns and that is why you need NM Insurance for electricians to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Speak to an agent about any and all of your insurance needs.

Cyber Insurance Helps Combat Data Theft Risks

The healthcare industry, which includes several different types of companies, including hospitals, hospices, assisted living facilities, and urgent care locations (to name a few), faces the risk of a network security breach every single day. The storing of personal health information of clients causes a great concern, especially should this information be accessed or stolen by hackers or others looking to profit from it.

The fact is, without proper security protocols, everyone is open to identity theft, as well as unauthorized use of any stolen confidential information. Other valuable information, such as tax identification numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and more are all at risk. Cyber insurance is dedicated to helping any and all firms protect against this growing exposure.

Exposures result in potential losses

Most state laws mandate that businesses must notify anyone whose private information has become compromised after a breach occurs. This obviously can be quite a costly undertaking, plus the damage to reputation will often be a further result due to the negative impact caused by such an occurrence. If your client has sensitive confidential information on their computers, servers, and laptops, as is the case with most companies nowadays, what steps are being taken to prevent such a theft from occurring?

These threats not only exist from unknown parties, but, also from people within their very own organization. Disgruntled or dishonest employees may look to profit from the theft of credit card numbers and other valuable private information, making cyber insurance important for internal concerns as well.

The Internet is now a standard for business transactions

Companies nationwide now depend on the ability to transact business via their websites, therefore they must enact policies and procedures related to managing private and confidential information in order to combat cyber theft. Most businesses today must contend with cyber-related exposures that will not be covered under any traditional business insurance policies. Since there is no standardized policy related specifically to cyber liability issues, coverage for these types of losses will vary from one insurance company to another. Speak to your clients involved with the healthcare industry to help them to better understand their exposures and suggest they secure cyber insurance coverage to combat any issues after a theft occurs.

Providing Insurance for Nursing Homes

Understanding the risks your clients face requires a tremendous amount of expertise on the part of you, the broker. Agencies hoping to aid nursing homes and assisted living centers with their expansive need for insurance for nursing homes need to do a thorough job of listing the many risks that exist. In this way they can then provide the coverage required for the many exposures associated with running this sort of enterprise.

Nursing homes in particular seem to find their organizations constantly under investigation for claims that they were not providing adequate care to their residents, and while that may not be the actual case, the perception is really all that’s required for the media to highlight a facility coming under such accusations, whether abuse, or any other complaints when issues occur with residents.

Nursing homes often unfairly targeted

There may be a higher likelihood of nursing homes experiencing claims due to the nature of the services they offer and the clientele they serve. It’s quite easy to find news stories on nursing home scandals and attorneys heavily target this class of business as well. While the focus may primarily involve the professional liability side, other lines of insurance can also play into the equation, having great potential for brokers.

While nursing homes come in various sizes to accommodate groups of residents both small and large, the coverages needed are invariably the same. The fact remains that insuring nursing homes requires a high degree of expertise and extreme attention to detail. The reason being that this market represents some unique exposures and has the potential to experience significant losses.

Agents should be aware that education and training are crucial, so it is strongly suggested that brokers handling this class receive all of the tools necessary to ensure their success. As with many classes of business, there are always carriers looking to get into new segments, therefore they’ll need to show a commitment to this market and explain which risks they are willing to insure, as well as what makes their product offering unique in comparison.

While liability is probably the major issue, property losses also do occur from time to time. Ensuring that property values are current is a very important aspect in determining policy needs. Brokers should go over any and all available lines of insurance for nursing homes.