The Advantages of Having Big Rig Insurance

There are around half a million accidents involving trucks every year in America.  If you own a trucking business, it is vital that you properly protect yourself and your company. Luckily, purchasing big rig insurance can help cover you in case something goes wrong.

What is Covered By Big Rig Insurance?

Big rig insurance policies can vary depending on the provider but there are a few things that are generally covered across the board. First, there is liability coverage, which plays a central part in just about every trucking insurance plan.  Liability coverage can be broken down into two categories called bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Bodily injury liability coverage applies to situations where someone is injured in a crash you were responsible for. It covers legal expenses, medical bills, and potential settlement costs.

The other big part of liability coverage is property damage liability coverage.  This type of insurance applies to the property of others. If you get in an accident and damage something such as a vehicle, a building, or a sign, this type of coverage will have your back.

If you have additional insurance needs, there are likely options available. Some types of coverage that are often purchased in addition to liability coverage are personal injury protection, physical damage insurance, and cargo insurance.

It is vital that you properly protect yourself and your business. Purchasing a good big rig insurance plan can make all the difference!

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