The Need for Dog Bite Insurance Today

You’ve had a menagerie all your life–everything from cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and even the occasional guinea pig has wandered its way into your family circus at one time or another when you were growing up, so you can’t imagine life without a pet. You’ve seen all the fancy things that owners today indulge their pets with–psychiatrists that come into the home to address behavior of the animal from hell,” gourmet or diet pet food, fancy spas and sitters, designer clothing, stairs providing easy access to the owner’s bed (Fido doesn’t have to actually expend energy to jump up anymore!), and recall that your parents managed to go their whole lives without the need for these fancy trappings, including Florida dog bite insurance quotes for coverage. But while that may have worked back in the day, current times are a very different matter.

Times have changed a lot

In earlier times, an animal might have growled and nipped at someone – for example, you plainly recall the hot summer day when the neighbor’s Irish setter bit your cheek when you squeezed him too tightly. It scared you, and your mom and the neighbor’s mom exchanged some words, but at the end of the day, that was it. Nowadays, you’re likely to be headed to court after such an incident, because a lawsuit in the aftermath of an incident when an animal injures someone is extremely common.

If your dog has teeth, consider coverage

Insurance for this risk, then, is simply good sense for today’s pet owner. The policy offers protection from the liability that comes from having a four-legged member of the family that may express itself with its teeth (they don’t call them “canines” for nothing). Considering that animals can bite for a variety of reasons – territoriality, fear, anger, excitement, and pain, to name a few – it just makes good sense to have coverage that can cover medical expenses and legal expenses that you could occur in the event your animal injures either a person or another animal and you are sued. Talk to a professional insurance agent, who can provide a Florida dog bite quote for this important policy.

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