Three Ways Nonprofits Can Address Politics in the Workplace

Election season has already started with the primaries wrapping up and November only a few months away. Many nonprofit organizations help run a variety of charities but are not immune to the stressors of politics. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding politics and non profit organizations.


The experts at VIS states political discussions can become controversial. As an employer, you can prohibit these conversations from taking place during work hours. Keep in mind that not all political speech can be restricted. For example, employees can discuss working conditions or labor politics.


Employees should not use office equipment to help support a political candidate or campaign. This includes using copiers to make flyers, brochures and other campaign advertisements. The employees should not access or use the nonprofit’s member list or their organizational contact information for any political campaign purpose.


Political restrictions included with a dress code policy may be more readily received than separated in the policy manual. For example, banning all hats within the workplace includes politically endorsed hats as well.

Combining politics and non profit organizations can create a negative workplace environment. If the nonprofit has any questions regarding the introduction of new policies and procedures, an experienced nonprofit attorney can help review the changes for increased liability.

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