Tips for Better Insurance Agency Marketing

Successful insurance agents are establishing the Internet as their primary way of doing business and keeping customers abreast of what is new and exciting in the industry. One way to increase traffic to a site is to promote the website through all avenues of marketing, including business cards, brochures, emails and social media.

Great customer service is one of the most effective tactics of successful insurance marketing. When agents provide customers with outstanding service, they then show their appreciation by referring others to that company’s products and services. Use coverage and exposure checklists as a way to increase sales. Doing the job of a professional insurance agent will also create a great reputation for future interested parties.


Being highly visible online is paramount to success

The only thing worse than not having a website is spending money on an online presence, just to find that nobody knows where the website is. Anyone planning to put time and money into developing a website should invest some of their budget on search engine optimization (SEO). In short, a SEO plan is designed to help the website rank higher in the search engines. This means, when somebody searches for a keyword related to a particular business, it shows up high on the first page.

It’s a plain fact that a beautifully designed website with all of its pertinent information doesn’t do anyone any good unless people visit it. When it comes time to build out the agency’s website it is essential to focus on conversions. What can be done to ensure that the site generates as much interest as possible? The more people who make contact with agents and representatives via the website the more sales the company has an opportunity to make. Additionally, these are leads that cost nothing, including any additional time generating.


Tips for conversions

Make use of images and video to support the company’s message. Create simplified and targeted landing pages for paid traffic. Offer value added content or savings offers to encourage action. Relying on these tips can help, but also focus some time, effort, and money on social media and SEO rankings. Doing these things increases the chances of establishing a solid online presence by way of insurance agency marketing.


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