Tips for Finding the Right Insurance to Protect Your High Net Worth

Whether you come from money or created your own wealth, protecting your high net worth is vital to keeping it. High net worth individuals own businesses, expensive properties, luxury items and more. Insurance programs for high networth individuals offer a variety of coverage options and benefits to their policy holders beyond standard coverage.

Coverage Options

Having a high net worth exposes individuals to more liabilities than the standard person. With more money at risk, your insurance policies should address the potential for excess claims beyond the standard policy. In addition, some assets require different types of insurance policies. Popular insurance policies include:

  • Umbrella
  • Excess Liability
  • High Value Homes
  • Tenant Occupied Dwellings

Save Money

Bundling more than one policy together can save individuals money. Time is money for the high net worth individual. By using insurance programs tailored to the high net worth person, you save valuable time not having to research and compare rates, coverage options and terms.

Save time and money by using insurance programs for high networth individuals. Agents in these programs assess your risks and evaluate your liabilities. Policies are tailored to suit your particular exposures protecting your investments. Additional policies may be necessary to cover certain exposures or particular items. An agent can assist by answering any questions about exposures and coverage options you may have.

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