Tips To Improve the Quality of Home Healthcare

According to, home healthcare can help you or your loved one treat an illness or injury, improve self-sufficiency, and regain independence as soon as possible. When administered properly, it can also be a cost-effective way to deliver patient-centered care. However, home healthcare is not without challenges. Here are a few tips aimed at improving the quality of care.

Start With Staff Satisfaction

Current staffing shortages in home healthcare may make it challenging to receive top notch care. Employee recognition, streamlined onboarding and performance review processes, and open communication are a few ways to help available staff feel valued, empowered and encouraged to provide the best care possible.

Encourage a “Teach Back” Method With Patients

Improving the quality of care may include best practices such as clearly communicating with patients and checking, using a “teach back” method, to make sure instructions are understood. For example, after receiving instructions on how to safely get in and out of the shower, a patient then attempts to teach the nurse as a way to cement understanding.

Use Clear and Simple Language

Speaking clearly, slowly, and at an appropriate volume for the patient can help relay accurate information in a way that will be understood. Any misunderstandings may be addressed immediately allowing the patient time to ask questions.

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