Unique Entertainment Insurance Needs

It is true that there’s no business like show business, and that means that insurance for the entertainment industry looks different too. That is why it is crucial to have entertainment production insurance that is made to fit your specific needs.

What Does Entertainment Insurance Look Like?

It varies based upon the production and the needs of the company. Some production policies are annual, while others are short term, lasting only for the duration of the project. For companies that have more than one project going on simultaneously, an annual policy may be better because it covers all the productions at the same time, regardless of shooting schedules.

What Does Entertainment Insurance Cover?

Ideally, entertainment insurance covers all aspects of the production. That includes performers, crew, directors, equipment, locations, and of course, the producer. Needless to say, cost concerns are always a major consideration in any film production, so it is important to find comprehensive coverage that nevertheless will not push the film beyond its production budget.

Finding the right entertainment production insurance coverage for your particular project can be a tricky balancing act, but with the help of an experienced professional in the field of entertainment insurance, it can be accomplished, and you may even find everything about the process appealing.

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