User Experience on Insurance Websites

When it comes to clients searching for the right policies they need, being able to easily and efficiently navigate an insurance agency website is crucial. A potential client is going to quickly turn away and look for another solution if a website is too haphazardly thrown together and has a poor user experience. Simply having a website is not enough to make things easier for people and entice them to contact you. Here are a few qualities of user experience that will make your insurance agency website more appealing.

Organized Navigation

There are likely going to be a lot of webpages on your website. When someone is visiting, they will want to be able to get straight to the information they need without hassle. Including a navigation bar at the top with sensible categories and drop-down menus makes it much easier to find what you need.

Easy-to-Read Text

Keep your fonts and colors basic and clear. Include concise bits of important material separate from huge blocks of text. Also, make sure that all copy writing is well-written and engaging.

Make it Accessible to Contact You

When building your insurance agency website, have a distinctive contact section or page with multiple means of communication. Consider including an in-page contact form, as well as phone numbers, emails and social media accounts.

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