What are the Advantages of Workers Compensation Claims Management?

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Many industry employers view insurance claims as simply part of the cost of doing business. Yet, for what it’s worth, plenty of workers’ compensation (WC) (and other costly insurance claims) can be prevented. Even after a claim is filed, there are steps you can take to help minimize its costs. This starts with creating a sound workers compensation claims management program.

Employers can benefit by better managing their WC claims

First off, develop a good relationship with your insurer. Understand that your insurance agent or your insurance company’s loss control representative can assist you in preventing claims, investigating claims, and managing the cost of a claim once it has been filed.

You should promptly report all claims to your insurer. Many owners fear that if they do that, their insurance premiums will rise. Yet, a minor injury could become much more severe, saddling you with the costs of a large medical bill, despite the fact that you’re already paying to have workers’ compensation coverage. Also, by promptly reporting all claims to your insurer, they can help to identify a claim that might be fraudulent.

You need to have a good return to work program designed to assign modified duties for those employees who are able to return to the job as soon as medically possible. You should implement a written policy that ensures all workers promptly report all claims to a manager and have someone available to help them with the procedure of filling out the required paperwork.

You should have open communication with your workers so that they know that you truly care about their safety and will do anything in your means to both, ensure their working in the safest possible environment and that the company will quickly come to their aid if they are the unfortunate victim of an accident while performing their duties. These are some very important steps towards a sound workers compensation claims management program.

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