What Does Maritime Employers Liability (MEL) insurance Cover?

Working on a boat, yacht, barge, or any other type of seafaring vessel can be dangerous. There are many ways to get injured or killed, but many injuries are also preventable. Maritime Employers Liability (MEL) insurance can help reduce or eliminate the financial risks, but nothing can undo the pain or loss of life. Here are a few ways to prevent serious injury or death of workers at sea.

Keep the Deck Tidy

Maintain all cords and lines coiled or otherwise stored neatly. A tangled line can pinch fingers, get caught around feet and snag against rivets or blocks. A good sailor never allows lines to get tangled.

Require Appropriate Footwear

All workers above deck and below should wear non-slip, comfortable shoes that they can move quickly in. Hobbling around or slipping and falling can cause serious injury.

Require Hats in Cold Weather

Frostbite is a serious concern for all employees who work above deck. Hats are a necessary piece of gear in cold weather, along with sweaters or coats. All three items should be made of materials that can wick away water, such as the following.

  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Rubber
  • Free-range down

By following a few rules, an owner or operator of a seafaring vessel can prevent serious consequences from transpiring. If one should occur, however, a good MEL insurance policy may cover the financial risks.

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