What Is Ship Repairer Insurance?

Every profession needs insurance. The marine industry is no different. You will need a ship repairer insurance plan if you do repair work on ships. These plans cover both you and your work. There are a few basic coverages you need to work as someone who repairs ships.

Who Needs Ship Repairers Insurance?

Everyone who repairs ships, regardless of vessel size, needs insurance. 

  • Ship repair facilities
  • Marinas
  • Painters 
  • Welders
  • Electricians
  • Upholsterers

This is just a small sample of those who will have to carry specific insurance.

Common Types of Ship Repairer Insurance

One of the most common types is comprehensive liability coverage. This usually covers liabilities including:

  • Damage to watercraft or ship
  • Third-party damage or personal injury
  • Pollution and cleaning costs
  • Removal or wreckage
  • Damage to equipment

It can also cover a variety of accidents and other issues. 

What Do Marine Repair Insurance Companies Consider?

There are a few things that a marine repair insurance company considers before insuring a company or repair person. These usually have to do with the nature of the work, overall costs, security and claims history. 

No matter what you do in marine repair, you will need a ship repairer insurance policy. It protects you against a variety of accidents and conditions.

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