What Makes for a Successful Insurance Lead Program?

What makes for a successful insurance lead program? The first step taken in most agencies is assigning a single person in your office to be in charge of and also responsible for managing the program and ensuring that the insurance leads are worked in a manner that will help to maximize your company’s success.

This is the best way to avoid letting leads fall through the cracks. By assigning someone to manage your Internet insurance leads program, you’ll reduce the likelihood that it won’t get done properly. It could be an administrator or office manager, or anyone else you feel has the wherewithal to get the job done.

How to make an insurance lead program a success

Don’t dawdle – the faster you contact a lead, the better the chances are for success. Agencies that get the most success out of an insurance leads program put together a process where each lead is handled quickly and efficiently. In other words, strike while the iron is hot!

Doing so will decrease the time it takes to put together a quick quote and respond to each consumers request as quickly as possible. Many carriers offer an insurance lead management tool that is quite helpful, but if you’re looking for a more robust solution, there are companies who specialize in software and systems specifically designed to help agents get the most out of Internet leads. Independent agents should also consider using a comparative rater, which can drastically reduce the time it takes to respond to consumer requests.

Having a competitive product is key to succeeding

While to remain competitive you need to have comparably priced products, you also have to have a product that provides a good value when compared to other options that the consumer may be considering. Keep in mind that most insurance lead providers allow you to target and choose which type of consumers you wish to be matched with. This allows you the opportunity to eliminate consumers where you feel you are the least competitive.

Nowadays, as consumers become more and more insurance savvy (and the comparison shopping experience gets easier), most consumers realize that they have other available options. If your primary carrier has recently taken a significant rate increase in your area, it may make sense to hold off on insurance leads until your carrier’s competitive position improves.

Agents who invest in a good insurance lead program and set realistic goals, and allot a reasonable amount of time to do so, will learn the best ways to close online insurance leads.

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