What Will my Boat Cost me in Florida?

Boating is a wonderful hobby. Now that you are considering, or have purchased your new boat, it’s time to think about protecting it with the right insurance.

What are Common Factors in the Cost?

For boat insurance in Florida, average cost takes into consideration a number of factors. The below are just a few examples.

• Value of the boat
• Where it will be used
• What it will be used for
• Your driving record
• Safety measures

Before purchasing your boat, it may be wise to get a fairly specific idea of the type of vessel you want to purchase. You can then use this information to obtain insurance quotes. The cost of insurance coverage can then be considered when deciding which boat to purchase.

What Does Coverage Include?

Boaters insurance can cover many things. Some examples would be damage to your vessel, personal property, injury to yourself or others on your boat and even towing if needed. Insurance can also protect you in case of a storm, hurricane or other weather event and can cover damage to your boat if it is on the water or on land.

Just like car insurance provides coverage and peace of mind while being out on the roadways, boaters insurance provides those same benefits while you are enjoying the fun and relaxation of being out on the water. For boat insurance in Florida, the average cost is very small compared to the protection and peace of mind coverage provides.


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