What You Should Know About Boat Insurance

Your boat is too important to choose a provider simply because they have lowest rates. If you want to truly be protected while out on the waters, you need to understand the basics of insurance for California boats so that you can choose the right coverage for you. As you conduct your search, here are three basics of boat insurance you should know about.

Is It Required?

You may have to carry boat insurance for a variety of reasons. If you financed the purchase of your boat, the lender will likely require that you carry insurance. Also, many states require at least some form of liability coverage and marinas may require proof of insurance before allowing you to dock your boat.

Types of Boats Covered

Boat insurance covers most boats with motors from small fishing boats to mega yachts. It usually does not cover kayaks, personal watercrafts, or canoes.

Types of Coverages

Most boat insurance providers will offer similar coverages. The coverage types you should expect include:

  • Liability insurance covers you in case your boat causes injury to a person or damages their property.
  • Collision insurance will cover repair or replacement costs but may not cover any cleanup.
  • Comprehensive covers any damage or loss for anything other than a collision.

As boat sizes vary, so does your insurance needs. A provider with experience with insurance for California boats can help you get the coverage that meets your needs and budget.

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