What You Should Know About Fleet Management Risks

Responsible drivers know that they need auto insurance to cover the risks of owning and driving a car. Collisions, physical damage, theft, vandalism, rental reimbursement and medical bills are just some of the various features that come with auto liability insurance. Similarly, as a fleet manager, you have to consider the risks of being responsible for the vehicles used for a business or office. While your inventory might include passenger cars and trucks, it may also include construction vehicles, specialty equipment or big rigs as well.

What Are Some of the Risks Associated With Fleets?

Experts in fleet risk management would consider the following to be some of the typical concerns:

  • Procurement and decommissioning of vehicles
  • Managing vehicle assignment and operators
  • Fuel purchasing
  • Fleet Maintenance and repair
  • Process management and oversight
  • Safety and quality control

It is your responsibility to make sure you have insurance coverages that speak to the specific risks associated with these concerns and other areas.

What Else Should Be Considered?

As a supervisor, it’s not just your job to deal with current issues. You also need to anticipate future problems as well. An insurance policy that is specific to fleet management is good not just for your company, but everyone connected, including clients, employees and business partners.

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