Winter and Insurance Programs for Marinas

With winter come weather conditions that vary all over the US. Even in relatively warmer climates there is often a significant change, and weather patterns may develop that create concerns for many business owners. After all, the weather could easily change with little warning and when colder temperatures do appear, boats and marinas must prepare to deal with these elements.

Any changes in the weather will surely affect marina liability concerns, which is why there are insurance programs for marinas to tend to the needs of your clients. You may want to explain that they should consider examples of how to properly winter-proof vessels, and the surrounding areas currently in their care.


Make a checklist of any necessary repairs


With repair shops experiencing a lower workload, now may be the time to get all of those necessary repairs out of the way. Suggest to your clients operating marinas that they should be checking for rust, rot and other signs of deterioration and replace or repair anything that could constitute a danger or hazard.

Rust is quite destructive to an engine, and using a corrosion inhibitor to safeguard idle parts should do the trick. Even for boats that aren’t stored in a location where freezing occurs, they’ll still need to ensure that they are being properly maintained all year round.

Engines that are stored in colder regions will require winterization procedures to eliminate internal water freezing. This condition can often result in damage due to the expansion of metal parts within the engine. Using propylene glycol is an effective means for winter engine protection plus it’s environmentally sound.

Boat engines are most susceptible to damage when weather becomes colder, and an anti-corrosive should be used that will protect the internal surfaces of the carburetor and cylinders during winter. They should also check the spark plugs and replace any that have sustained any damage or appear to be broken.

Using this off-season time can provide your clients with the ability to ensure that their guests will once again have an enjoyable experience when the warmer climate returns. Talk to your clients about investing time in insurance programs for marinas to update their insurance and get answers to all of their questions pertaining to products and services.


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